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South Carolina Advocacy

A small group of nonprofit providers of aging services decided in 1961 to establish an association that would help them live out their shared missions to provide compassionate, high-quality programs and services to the nations growing older population. 

Inspired by the White House Conference on Aging, held for the first time in January 1961, the providers also wanted to advocate for the revolutionary policy changes-including Medicare, Medicaid, and the Older Americans Act-they expected the White House Conference to set in motion. They hoped to change forever how the country viewed aging and how it provided services and supports to older adults. 

Six decades later, LeadingAge has grown into a 5,000 member organization nationally with 38 State Partners. LeadingAge South Carolina was established in 1980, and is proud to follow in the footsteps of our founders. Like those founders, we remain committed to helping our members live out their shared mission of compassionate service to older adults.

LeadingAge South Carolina members employ over 8,000 mission-oriented staff serving more than 10,000 older South Carolinians. We continue advocating for universal access to high-quality programs and services for older adults. And we are steadfast in our goal to be the trusted voice of aging in South Carolina.



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